Pricing for your ITI GGS Miniature Horse & Cart event or function is quite a calculation and will vary greatly between bookings. We pride ourselves on making each horse party affordable for each family and therefore we would love to come, instead of making such a party out of your budget, we send you a quote and then we can organize your requirements from there. However in saying that, I have now started using the price calculator that I should have in 2022 so my prices are now more on a par with what they should have been last year, so this has made each party more, although still good value alongside my competitors.

ITI GGS customizes every quote to your individual needs.  Give us a call or send an email to [email protected] and we can talk about your requirements, time lengths, amount of children and location.

EVENT TYPE: Prices as of 31st March 2024

Prices are customized to your address. Ponys required and time length.  Customizing prices make our quoting more family friendly and I have the opportunity to cater to your individual needs. Prices below can be used as a guide

1 hour - Birthday party with 1 Riding pony    and 1 pony    for patting (within 35km of Kaukapakapa): $485

1 1/4 hour - Birthday party with 1 Riding pony   and 1 pony    for patting (within 35km of Kaukapakapa): $525

1 hour - Birthday party with 2 Riding pony's   (within 35km of Kaukapakapa): $550

Large Event with 2   ponies giving rides for 2 hours (4 horses come for swapping): $980 (location may change price) 

Please note a large event we can extend our riding giving time between 2 and 3.5 hours maximum. (additional charges apply)

Please note that extra charges for travel maybe added to your quote!! if you are outside our local area.

Add On's:

Unicorn $40 (Per unicorn)

Reindeer $40 (this can includes cart as sleigh)

Miniature Horse and Carriage $30 

Your horse party's lengthMinimum of 1 hour - Birthday Parties and special events are up to a maximum of 3-3.5 hours. 

Set up and Pack up - Please allow 30 mins before and after your party/event for set up and  pack up.

Half hour preschoolers riding lesson at our farm - $40

40 min riding lesson at our farm - $45

45 min riding lesson at our farm -$50

45 min carriage driving lesson at our farm -$80