Pony Parties

Please Note: We are located in Kaukapakapa and if your party is in South Auckland this is a very long way for us.  We are prepared to travel, however this does depend on the kilometres involved as it is not only a long way for us but a lot of travelling for our horses.  Travelling a long way does add a considerable amount to our quote, so please take this into consideration before contacting us.

Unicorn available - 4 sizes
Sassy the unicorn (our mini) , Cessie (our 12hh pony) or Cracker our 10.2 hh pony can come to your place and make your birthday girl or boys day! they dress up with a beautiful mane, tail, twinkly hooves, stars and heart and, rainbow saddle, and lots of colourful accessories and turns your birthday party into a magical one! we cater to all sizes big or small unicorn!

It is very tricky to take photos, we often forget, and we are often not allowed as children are in the photos, so we don't get many good ones unfortunately, but here are a few to give you a little idea

uploaded April 2022 so quite current.

You are very welcome to request, at an extra cost of $40, a 'unicorn' for your princess' or Prince's birthday party! 

 Sassy Unicorn UnmountedIzabelle UnicornJesse At Fp FestivalCracker UnicornChars First PartyIzabelle Unicorn2Cessie UnicornBellas First Party 10th March 24

Unicorn Picture Given With Permission

Picture given with permission to use (above)

These photos are of our unicorns without their rainbow saddles, reins and accessories.

Sorry pics are a bit tricky with privacy rights and forgetting.

Sassy Unicorn

We are constantly looking into our unicorn accessories, and what we use.

Currently working on Cracker turning into a unicorn as well ... Watch this space!


Madibirthday 1121ds8 0972

Birthday Parties
We  would love to come to your child's birthday and give miniature horse saddle rides, pony saddle rides and miniature horse and cart rides.  We cater for toddlers, pre-schoolers and their families and we have cart rides for funsters too big to ride our lovely Cessie.  We give our introduction talk and then organize the children for their rides, most birthday horse parties are an hour or an hour and a half.  We come early to set up and interaction with the birthday girl or boy and their friends begins immediately as we are always such a hit.

Carriage rides are at an extra cost of $30

Reindeers are like unicorns at $40

Isla and SassyCrack At Christmas
Birthday Party PictureMadibirthday 1056 Dxp3651 Xp2

Cohens 1st BirthdayGirls At A Party     

Meeting Sassy The Unicorn 9 Dec 2017Britts Party 9 3 2019 Pic2

Img 2477

Img 2478

Madibirthday 1050ds8 0819

Madibirthday 1121ds8 0972

Christmas Parties and work functions
Always a hit with the crowds, children keep us very busy often having several rides on our horses decked in their reindeer gear.  We come to your event and as soon as we arrive we have children bursting for a ride.  Please remember we need a suitable area, however most times we can make do with smaller areas, making rides twice as long, or driveways, verges, etc, we are very flexible, but of course a grass area is the ideal place.

Cracker At Christmas Riding LessonCrack At Christmas

Special riding lesson days at Christmas... Learning on a reindeer! its so fun, with Christmas games too!

8 Dec Pics 121
Img 0028

our Annual booking with the NZ Army in Papakura.

Before The Parade 3

A parade in Auckland December 2017

School Galas
We go along to school galas and give rides to children of all ages, we take along around 4 of our horses so we cater to tiny children and big school children, the carriage is a great way to introduce young children to horses and they can sit with their mum or dad in the carriage.  We give a donation to the school and are self-sufficient with running our rides.  We bring along the required helpers so that the lines don't get too long and every single family has a one on one experience, we pride ourselves on connecting with each child, talking to them and giving them a wonderful horse riding experience.

 Cameo Giving Rides

 Pam And Sassy


Gala Rides Nov 11 2017

Alfriston School Gala Nov 2017 (South Auckland)

My little Abby is also now enjoying her well deserved retirement in Makarau.

Img 5207

Whenever we have a gala we work really hard, everyone has a wonderful time and we are such a awesome team, its such a fun day!

Pic 5Mt Eden Village Centre March 3 2018, Cammie doesnt come along anymore he's enjoying a well deserved retirement!


Christmas Dinner 014

our double reindeers at our family Christmas dinner 2012 


Img 0024
Img 0025
Img 0028
Img 0384
Our New Place 25 Feb 2013 015
Our New Place 25 Feb 2013 018
Our New Place 25 Feb 2013 019
Lucy And Unicorn Feb 15
Milly having a unicorn ride
Milly and Sassy
Nathan and his Unicorn
Posing unicorn
a quiet ride
a nice interaction with a unicorn
Unicorn 2
neat pic of Nathan
Isla and Sassy
Big Rides With Abby
Cam Rides At Gala
Cam Trying To Rest
Cameo Giving Rides
Mel Doing Hats
Pam And Sassy