Rebecca Iti

Hi ,my name is Rebecca Iti and I founded ITI GGS Miniature Horses and Cart.  Back in 2001 I put my little Miniature Mare Abby into Carriage, and then decided that I would love to do birthday parties with her.  I had a 4x4 ute and a float, I made a flyer and away I went to my first birthday party.  In 2006 my company became a reality when I officially created ITI GGS Miniature Horses and Cart.  My husband Kipa and I started taking Abby and Sahara to birthday parties.  Kipa doesn't come out to parties anymore he's at home with our three children.

Isabella (Bella)

Bella has just joined us this March 2024, Bella has been around horses now for 11 years, she had a horse party with me when she was five and this led to a love of horses, her family moved to a farm where she now lives and is blessed to have her own pony.  Bella is an amazing friendly young lady, who enjoys spending time with children.  We look forward to you meeting her soon out and about.


Briar At Festival


Briar is amazing, and once you meet her, you'll agree! she has been with us since October 2020 and we love having her along to as many parties as we can, she's friendly and loves families, Briar has her own horses and lives on a farm not far from ITI GGS, she is at uni at the moment and she's also got a job, so one busy lady!  

Charlize (Char)

Char has also just joined our ITI GGS team this March 2024, Char is our youngest but you couldn't tell, Char has been around and riding horses for 10 years now, (since she was 2!)  her confidence, skills and friendly nature help her fit right in, just like she's always been with us!  I met Char a few years ago and her confidence in ponies has just flourished, she especially loves jumping.  Char spends lots of time at her mum's Early childhood Centre and loves being around and helping kids, she's so keen to come out and spend lots of time at parties too. 

Chars First Party

Kim 4 April 2023


Meet Kim, Kim has been with us since April 2023. I love taking Kim to parties, she's kind, confident and such an amazing helper.  Kim has two littlies too so she's a busy mum! Kim has her own horses and loves spending time with them whenever she can. She has also been a horse trek guide and done riding lessons too.


Eliza also started with us in March 2024.  Eliza has her own ponies and has been riding for five years now.  Eliza is always a favourite with her cousins and any children around her. She is really keen to come out to parties, so keep an eye out for her soon. 

Photo of Izzy until we get one of Eliza out and about with us!


Jesse At Fp Festival


Jesse has been with us since this August 2022, I taught Jesse to ride in my riding school, so she is super amazing and confident with horses and riding, she's come back now to join our ITI GGS team and share her knowledge and love of horses with everyone. Jesse is our youngest team member at 14 years old, but you couldn't tell!


Emily has been with us since this mid 2022, she started out just hanging out with me and then I took her to a huge function and she did such a great job!  Emily is another one of our young helpers but is so lovely and does a great job out and about too! Emily is 15 years old.

Photo to come.

Default Test

Izzy 2


Aranee is our newest team member joining us late March 2024.  Aranee absolutely loves horses and children, living on a farm outside of Kaukapakapa and helps her mum run the animals and large goats, Aranee has taken to everything so quickly and can't wait to start bringing her along to parties.

photo coming soon.