Safety Requirements

At ITI GGS Miniature Horses and Cart safety is our main priority, and for many years we have been proud of how we can bring children and horses together and all stay safe. 

We provide a wide range of safety riding helmets and ensure each child is fitted correctly before they hop on the horse.  We also correctly position each child's stirrups so that they have perfect balance and feel safe and secure in the saddle.  Correct stirrup length makes you stable in the saddle so you can properly focus on your ride and have fun.

Each horse handler is experienced with horses and is very consciencious about the safety of the children on the rides. 

We ask parents to properly supervise the children that are not riding or are waiting for a ride.  We provide someone who fits the hats properly and supervises the rest of the group waiting for their turn.  This makes the ease of changing riders flow and helps it to be an organised process that is pleasant for all involved.

At the beginning of your child's pony party we run through safety rules, including how to be careful around the horses.  

We ask that children of all ages respect our instructions, rules and requirements, as these keep everyone safe and happy.  

Children are still allowed to have fun and be noisy.

We also now have a health and safety checklist we run through prior to any party and we also have a hazard and sign in register for our lessons and coming onto our property so that you are always aware of the dangers and things to be mindful of when spending time with us and our horses.

We ask prior to your horse party you sign a Health and Safety Agreement giving us permission to run our parties and making you aware of the safety considerations your party has.

Safety considerations;

  • No running around the horses
  • No walking around their bums unless shown properly
  • Covered footwear must be worn
  • Fitted safety helmet must be worn
  • All children must respect the horse handlers and listen to their instructions
  • Horses and children can be unpredicatable please be mindful of both


Terms and Conditions:

Bookings: Summertime bookings require as much notice as possible to secure your ideal date.

Deposits: A $50 non-refundable deposit is transferrable to another booking, or visit if unforseen circumstances prevent us coming.

Cancellations: If you need to cancel your event due to your circumstances we need as much notice as possible, due to the preparation time for your party.

Weather:  In the event of the weather causing concern to you or us we will discuss what should happen with you.  We can make decisions right up to the last minute, however after our horses are prepped for your party your deposit is non-refundable, as this covers our time. Alternatively you may wish to postpone your party or organise a special visit to our farmlet instead.

Party preparation: Is factored into the price as it includes bathing the horses, preparing and inspecting the gear prior to each party.